Thursday, 13th of August 2020

Pallet unit

for combustion engine test benches

One of our newest developments is the mobile pallet unit which is equipped both with an own drive system and an integrated conditioning unit and a removable engine mount.

This mobile pallet unit is unique in its kind. It is used for the exact reproducibility of test runs, for fast equipping and removing and for the transport of combustion engines or test systems in combustion engine test benches.

Our pallet unit offers you a variety of technical and first of all economic advantages compared to conventional systems in combustion engine test benches.

Even compared to other pallet units the possibilities are unsurpassed.

mobile pallet unit with fitted engine setup station


-->   drivable pallet unit with removable engine mount
       using manual control unit

-->   preliminary setup of the engine installed on the engine
       mount and alignment of the engine by a laser

-->   the pallet unit is connected to the engine and the
       test bench by means of quick couplings

-->   easy positioning of the pallet unit
       by using a docking system in the test bench

-->   filling of the engine is possible on the setup station

-->   engine with engine mount is removable
       from the pallet unit; change of engine mount with
       installed engine is possible

-->   integrated conditioning modules with control systems
       in the pallet unit (conditioning of engine water, engine oil,
       charge air and fuel)

Your benefit !

-->   shortest test bench downtimes,
       enormous cost savings
       and very high flexibility

-->   test breaks and
       very fast exchanges of test engines
       are possible at any time

-->   accurately reproducible measurement results
       under continuously constant conditions

piping of the conditioning modulesside view