Friday, 10th of July 2020

Office building Constance

At approximately 10,000 square meters of rental space in Bodan Street, directly on the beautiful shores of Lake Constance, an office building was built which makes a shopping heart beat faster. In this project LEW Automotive was in charge for the ventilation unit. 5 HVAC systems and a many small scale units supply the office building with approximately 130,000 m³/h conditioned air.

ventilation center / induction slot outlet / circulation cooling via ceiling unit

There are parking deck, grocery and clothing stores, bistros as well as other stores on 5 floors of the new building. The ventilation unit is designed according to latest VDI 3814 guideline. The locally assembled and self-sufficient working substations are connected via a bus system.

ventilation center / office building from the outside

Depending on the type of store there are different requirements for the ventilation. So the ventilation control was designed correspondingly to meet the requirements.