Friday, 10th of July 2020

Metro Markt Istanbul

In the year 2009 the first and up to now only solar thermal system for adsorptive cooling in Turkey with a collector area of 1.030 m² was putted into operation. Construction and installation of the system took place between May and June 2009 by employees of LEW Automotive. Ten experts were in Istanbul on the spot. The project was led from Germany.

absorption refrigeration unit / base frame of collectors

High performance vacuum tube collectors of Paradigma company achieve an annual solar yield of 770 MWh, which is used for heating in winter and for the climatisation of the building in summer. With this project the METRO Group Asset Management contributes to the protection of the climate and environment.

solar control center / Istanbul 5 o`clock in the morning

The CO2 emissions are reduced by about 308 tons per year. The impressive system was installed in three months on the building by LEW Automotive. It realizes the climatisation of 30000 square meters surface area.

See also the report in the magazine "Sunny" of Paradigma company:

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