Thursday, 13th of August 2020

Machine cooling units

for electric machines

Machine cooling units can be used for the cooling of for example electric machines, electric motors, welding machines or industrial process plant. But they are also suitable for other applications.
A cooling unit can provide several connected machines.
Plant provided cooling water is transformed to a higher temperature level by an heat exchanger. Thus one avoids the formation of condensate in the area of the cooled machine. Furthermore one avoids that a leakage in the cooling circuit results in the escape of a large amount of cooling water out of the primary pipeline system.
In addition to the electronic control the installed gauges and thermometers allow the optical control of temperature and pressure.

Our machine cooling units are designed and produced according to the requirements of our customers with a cooling capacity of up to 500 kW.

There are stationary and mobile units.

mobile machine cooling unit


-->   high control accuracy

-->   modular design

-->   stationary or mobile

-->   user-friendly

-->   compact design

Your benefit !

-->   defined and constant temperatures
       of the supply media
-->   short installation and commissioning times
-->   wall and raised floor mounting possible  
-->   different options:
       - preparation for connecting a
         cold shock device
       - shortening the warm-up phase of the engine
         by installing a heating system
       - cooling water regulation to save
         the cooling water quantity provided by the customer
-->   individual construction
       adapted to the locations
-->   quickly changeable operating parameters by
       integrated cabinet
       if realized in in mobile design  
-->   easy integration into
       test bench automation system
-->   space-saving due to variable dimensions

Standard typeMKE 50MKE 100MKE 200
volume flow
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