Thursday, 13th of August 2020

Charge air cooling units

for combustion engine test benches

To achieve accurate and reproducible measurements on a combustion engine test bench, constant temperatures of the air are an indispensable prerequisite.

It must be ensured that the temperature of the air at steady state is kept at +/- 1 K. Precisely for these and also other tasks the charge air cooling units of LEW Automotive are designed and developed with years of experience to the present state.

Due to the modular design of the charge air cooling units in the construction and function, they can be combined and individually adapted to the specific task.

We can also deliver a charge air cooler (air-water heat exchanger) for the charge air conditioning unit. It is mounted on a mobile framework and equipped with corresponding connections for charge air and cold water supply.

mobile charge air cooling unit


-->   high control accuracy

-->   stationary or mobile

-->   user-friendly

-->   compact design

Your benefit !

-->   defined and constant temperatures
       of the charge air
-->   short installation and commissioning times
-->   wall and raised floor mounting possible
-->   individual construction
       adapted to the locations
-->   quickly changeable operating parameters by
       integrated cabinet
       if realized in in mobile design
-->   easy integration into
       test bench automation system
-->   space-saving due to variable dimensions

Standard typeLLKE 45LLKE 100
cooling capacity
quantity of air
inlet / outlet water(-glycol)
40 / 6040 / 60
inlet / outlet air
145 / 45145 / 45
charge air cooling unit for raised floor mounting