Thursday, 13th of August 2020

Exhaust gas units

for combustion engine test benches

The exhaust gas units of LEW Automotive are a reliable solution for the cooling and discharging of exhaust gases.
For this purpose the exhaust gas is sucked with air from the test bench and and led to the exhaust gas fan via a stainless steel pipe system.
The system can be adapted individually to new circumstances (in-line engine, V-type engine, one sided / two sided exhaust system) using highly flexible, heat resistant hoses and an intake funnel with framework.
We use fans for temperatures up to 600°C. The exhaust fan is equipped with a frequency converter to realize appropriate operating conditions.
In an overall system with several test bench cells and only one exhaust gas fan, each test bench cell can be operated individually by exhaust gas ring throttle valves and corresponding pressure controls.
An exhaust gas sound absorber ensures the reduction of engine and ventilation noise. The exhaust gas is led to a stack via a pipe system and brought into the atmosphere.

evacuate exhaust gas with ring throttle valveexhaust stacks


-->   user-friendly
-->   flexible

-->   durable

Your benefit !

-->   short installation and commissioning times
-->   easy integration into
       test bench automation system
-->   low follow-up costs

Standard typeAS 200AS 400
negative pressure in cell
- 10 ± 2- 10 ± 2
exhaust air volume checking
exhaust air volume setting-up
exhaust air volume emergency ventilation