Thursday, 13th of August 2020

Combustion air units

for combustion engine test benches

To achieve accurate and reproducible measurements on a combustion engine test bench, combustion air units of LEW Automotive are a reliable solution.

The unit is used for the conditioning of temperature and humidity of the supply air. It provides precise controlled, preselected values for air temperature and air humidity to improve the accuracy and repeatability of exhaust emission tests and total performance tests of combustion engines. So negative effects and influences that result from undefined air conditions can be eliminated.
The conditioned air can be led directly to the intake system of the engine using a swivel boom and a flexible funnel.

Since there are different temperature and humidity conditions of the supply air because of the local climate, the design of the individual system components such as air coolers / air heaters is realized individually for each client worldwide.

combustion air unitinlet funnel with sensor / inlet via swivel boom


-->   user-friendly
-->   compact design
       hence space-saving
-->   high control accuracy

Your benefit !

-->   short installation and commissioning times
-->   easy integration into
       test bench automation system
-->   defined and constant temperature and humidity
       of the combustion air

Standard typeVL12VL24VL30
volume flow
cooling capacity air heater
heat capacity air heater
quantity of steam

(a.r. - as required)

We can deliver also different volume flow rates according to customers´ request.