Thursday, 13th of August 2020

Filling and emptying devices

for hydraulic systems

The filling and emptying devices of LEW Automotive are a reliable solution to fill and empty hydraulic systems. Part of these units is a stainless steel container that can be adjusted in its size. We also offer solutions with two stainless steel containers. The level monitoring occurs via an optical sight glass indicator.
We offer both stationary and mobile units. Quick couplings allow short adaptation times and the hose reel allows easy access over long distances.
The devices allow the filling, emptying and mixing of hydraulic systems. On mixing mode the integrated pump operates in circulation mode. This allows a good and rapid mixing of liquids like for example glycol and water.

mobile filling and emptying device


-->   mobile
-->   user-friendly
-->   compact and modular design

Your benefit !

-->   fast applications in different places
-->   ready to use at the touch of the button
-->   different filling and emptying speeds possible
       depending on the choice of the pump
-->   different operating modes are possible like
       filling, emptying, mixing
-->   clean and simple operation

Standard typeBFEE 140BFEE 200BFEE 450
Container size