Thursday, 13th of August 2020

Renewable energies

On 1st January 2009 in Germany the "Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG)" came into force.

This means essentially that building owners in the future must cover a part of their heat demand with renewable energies. This applies to residential and non-residential buildings, whose building application or building notice was submitted after 1st January 2009.

You can decide for yourself which type of renewable energy you want to use. The important thing is that a certain percentage of the heat is generated with the respective energy. The percentage depends on the form of energy. Using solar energy systems, 15% of the heat demand has to be covered with this form of energy. If the heat is generated by liquid or solid biomass or environmental or geothermal heat, at least half of the heat demand has to be covered with this type of energy.

We are happy to assist you in selecting your systems.

Your benefit:

-->  no costs for the used renewable energy
-->  one can benefit from promotion possibilities
-->  one becomes more independent of rising commodity prices